Sta. Rosa Property: GEORGIA CLUB at Sta. Elena City

One of the best dream communities of 2012! Sta Elena City at Sta Rosa Laguna is growing fast and becoming the choice location for new home buyers.

Masterplanned across 15 hectares, Georgia Club is the upscale property inspired by the charming communities of the American South. Homes take design cues from classic Colonial architecture. Gardens and trees grow abundantly across the landscape.

It is an exclusive gated community where you enjoy life among your own, in a friendly, neighborly atmosphere. It is right at the heart of Sta. Rosa, one of the most vibrant, thriving growth areas in the near south. Other Sta Elena City communities: The Augusta & Valenza.

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Nichole. 141 sqm (3-BR)

Fairfax. 174 sqm (3-BR)

Ashley. 240 sqm (3-BR + attic)

Madison. 265 sqm (3-BR + attic)

2012 Updates:

  1. Georgia Club is an existing community with a growing number of homeowners building and moving in.
  2. “Lot only” buyers have the option of upgrading to house packages from the developer.
  3. Limited lots still available.
  4. Different house models to choose from for new home buyers.
  5. Promo financing schemes available for lot and house and lot packages.
  6. Club house & basketball court can be used by home owners.


Club house
Swimming Pool
Basketball court
Daisy Park
Open Spaces


  • Sta. Rosa, the fast rising new residential area of choice among young urban families is just a short 45 minute drive to Makati’s CBD. It is also home to the best schools South of Metro Manila.
  • Green & gated community. Georgia Club is surrounded by nature, a fresh and unpolluted environment with 24-hour security. The site is very private, far from the noise created by the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road.
  • Proximity to business and commercial areas, wet market, churches, and schools.
  • Proximity to premier recreational destinations such as the Sta. Elena Golf Club and the Country Club, Nuvali, Paseo de Sta Rosa, and Tagaytay.

Georgia  Club &  Augusta aerial shots:

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